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Producing a Memoir

Raintree MemoirsWe help people write books about their lives. We call each of these books a “Memoir” rather than an Autobiography because when writing a memoir you may properly omit any part of your life that you do not care to include in your book and can concentrate on aspects of your life that you personally consider important. Your Memoir offers you the opportunity to let family and friends come to know you as you know yourself and for them to know you as you would have them remember you.

Each Memoir is written in first person; that is to say, in your Memoir you talk about the experiences of your life in terms of “I” and “me,” just as if you, the narrator, had your own fingers on the keyboard. You will be shown as the sole author of the book on its cover and title page, and this is quite appropriate because everything in the book, although edited for publication, is based upon your own spoken words.

Our role in preparing your Memoir is — by skillful interviewing — to bring forth the story of your life and to organize and edit that information into a manuscript that is coherent, meaningful and entertaining. We will focus not only on reporting events, but will also strive to find the golden thread that runs through your life, the thread that shaped your plans, decisions and commitments and defines who you are, as a unique individual. 

We are dedicated to producing a written Memoir that matches your speech patterns and vocabulary and is of such quality of writing that you would be proud to have your family and friends read your story of your lifetime.

Our finished product is your Memoir in a manuscript form that is ready to be produced as a book.

Making the Memoir into a Book

Although clients usually prefer to have their Memoirs printed and bound as a book, Raintree Memoirs, LLC, is not in the business of selling books. Our role is to produce a manuscript from which a book can be produced. Raintree Memoirs does not design, print or bind books, but we are available to assist you in making arrangements with skilled professionals who do offer such services. When it comes to choices regarding the design, printing and binding of the book, it is entirely up to you as to how much to spend on the book, how elegant or simple a volume it should be.

We are also available, at your option, to work with you and the professionals to privately produce the book.

Books We’ve Done

We have helped four clients write manuscripts that they chose to privately publish in book form. One of those books involved the lives of two people. We helped another client write a publication-ready manuscript, but he died before having it produced as a book. The four books are:

I Was a Busy Boy. A retired professional auctioneer talks about his boyhood on a farm and his hard-work path that led him to heading up a major regional real estate and auction firm. 

Into the Arena for the Game of Life. A civil engineer who ended up owning a construction company that constructed Interstate highways talks about his family and his early engineering career in Puerto Rico and Brazil, where he constructed a railway through the jungle.

Two Sisters. Two sisters who have remained very close friends discuss their separate career and family paths and the shared adventures of childhood together that bound them close for life.

Becoming Dr. Nicholson: A Family Physician’s Journey. A doctor discusses his early football career, his family, the adventure of his medical career, the loss of his wife, and his happy second marriage.

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