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The Process

Your manuscript will be based upon recorded interviews. In the interviews, you can talk about not onlyRaintree Memoirs what you did in your life, but also about your emotions and the feelings that you experienced. Our goal is to bring forth the story of “How It Feels to Be You.”  Having an extended opportunity to talk about yourself may provide a rare opportunity for you to step outside your life and see yourself in a way you’ve never experienced.

The interviews are informal and conversational, are planned to meet your schedule, and ordinarily are conducted in your home. Each interviewing session usually lasts for about two or three hours. Our clients seem to enjoy telling their life story, surprised that what they felt might be a chore turned out to be a quite pleasurable experience.

Raintree MemoirsThe total amount of time you spend on the interview process is up to you and depends on the length of manuscript you have in mind. In our experience, each interview-hour will produce about 20 manuscript pages.

Before the interviews commence, we will meet with you to learn what parts of your life you want to emphasize or to omit. One of the benefits of a Memoir (as contrasted with an autobiography) is that it need not equally emphasize or even include all parts of your life. Also, if you say things in the interview which you later decide to change or omit from the manuscript, that is not a problem. You are always in control of the content of your Memoir. It is your book.

After the interviewing is completed, we arrange the interview material for effective story development. During that process, the text is organized sequentially and by subject, and the material is then grouped into chapters. Raintree Memoirs

No matter how poised and articulate the client may be, this polishing process usually involves substantial editing and rewriting in order to change spoken English into felicitously written English; however, throughout this process we strive to maintain not only the factual content of the interviews, but also your own distinctive speech pattern and vocabulary.

As the manuscript progresses, we shall be in close contact with you as to the accuracy of names and dates and will give you a chance to review and comment on the unfinished manuscript and to suggest changes.

Before we consider your manuscript completed, we submit the entire document to you for review in order for you to determine that all of the changes you suggested have been accomplished.

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