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The Price

Creation of the Manuscript

We can’t be very specific here about the price of producing the MRaintree Memoirsemoir’s manuscript because the longer the Memoir, the greater its cost. Our clients are in control of the scope of their Memoir and thus are in control of its size and cost. However, based on our experience, the manuscript’s cost is apt to be within a range of $5,000 to $15,000. The specific price we will quote to you is based on the anticipated time involved in completing the project and that time is almost exclusively a function of the length of the Memoir. The longer the Memoir, the more time is required to produce it.

In addition to the manuscript fee we may charge a per-diem fee for the time we are required to spend working outside the Bloomington area, such as conducting out-of-town interviews.

We work from a written contract with each client, and the contract will specify, in advance, the total fee which you will pay. You have the option at any time during the manuscript-preparation process to expand the size and scope of the Memoir; however, any such expansion would be likely to result in an increase in the amount of the fee.

The contract will specify what part of the fee is to be paid in advance and what part is to be paid during the manuscript preparation process. The balance of the fee will be due upon the delivery of the final draft of the manuscript.

Producing the Book

After the manuscript is completed, we can recommend specific book producers for you to consider.

You have the option of working directly with the book producer you select, or we can assist you in making arrangements with a book producer and can coordinate the production process. We will offer to perform such services for you either for a fixed-amount fee or on an hourly-fee basis, as you may prefer.

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