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The people who comprise Raintree Memoirs, LLC, are the husband and wife team of Paul and Carol Arnold. They live in Bloomington, Indiana.

Paul ArnoldPaul Arnold. Paul is a writer whose non-fiction and poetry have been commercially published and who worked for a small-town weekly newspaper in Montana after his retirement.

Specifically, he is the author of Wisdom of the Guides: Rocky Mountain Trout Guides Talk Fly Fishing, published in 1998 by Frank Amato Publications, Inc. His articles have appeared in Evansville Living Magazine, and his poetry has been published in The Yale Anglers Journal and in Hammers, a poetry magazine formerly published in Chicago. In Montana he wrote feature articles, book reviews and a weekly column on local court-news for the Dillon Tribune and Examiner.

After moving to Bloomington, Indiana, from Montana, in 2002, Paul sought an outlet for his writing energies. In the process of writing his own memoir for his children and grandchildren, he developed an interest in writing personal histories for others.

Paul is a native of Evansville, Indiana, and prior to his writing career he practiced law there for 34 years. He is a former president of the Indiana State Bar Association.


Carol ArnoldCarol Arnold. In the past few years, Carol has observed an innate editorial flair emerging from within. That editing pencil first started to express during Paul’s writing of his book, Wisdom of the Guides, in 1996 and it has been increasingly eager to exercise its markings and musings on unedited copy ever since. 

Carol is very happy to have a productive avenue of expression for her editorial impulses and an official role in the creations of Raintree Memoirs. She is wholly dedicated to preserving cadence, voice and nuance in the written memoir.

Raised in laid-back sunny Southern California in a rural setting, immersed in 4-H projects including raising sheep, she has had a life-long curiosity about what growing up in other locales was like and how one’s upbringing shapes one’s life views and choices.

Carol received her BA degree in history from the University of California, and after graduation moved to Chicago where jobs were said to be more plentiful. She worked for a couple of years as a researcher for the City of Chicago Department of Development and Planning and then at a variety of other jobs before settling into teaching at a Chicago Montessori school. She was also very involved in developing a corollary program of parent-education.

She balances her editorial pencil-wielding with time spent giving tours as a docent at the Indiana University Art Museum. Her outdoor interests include gardening and hiking. 

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