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Mid-Life Memoirs

Raintree MemoirsIf you are in the middle state of your adult life — late fortyish to mid-sixtyish — then we suggest that it is not too early to consider writing about your life. Robert Graves, the author of I, Claudius and other works, was 34 years old when he published his memoir, Goodbye to All That. Stephen Spender, another English writer, wrote his memoir, World Within World  at age 49. And E.W. Bonadio from the Bronx has the same idea with his self-published book, New-Age Renaissance Man: Confessions of a Middle-Aged Italian.

In mid-life, the sharpness of your recollection of events, and of your feelings about those events, is more vivid than it will be later in life. The well of your memory will never again be as full as it is now. Anyone who has ever read one of their diaries or journals from an earlier time has experienced more than a few, “I’d forgotten all about that” moments.

If you are now in middle life, you might prefer to address your memoir project with a “My Life Thus Far” approach rather than a “This Was My Life” approach. Later, you may decide to add more material, bringing your memoir up-to-date.

Most of us, by the time we have reached the middle part of our lives, have plenty of living behind us. By then we have settled into our career or calling, have experienced joy and sadness, have met challenges successfully and have felt the pain of loss and failure. Our values, our character, and our human identity, have been fully established. In other words, there is already plenty to write about.

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